How to tell your story and express yourself with creativity and originality 

Creative expression can come in a variety of forms – drawing, singing, dancing, playing. Our workshop focuses on words and images and will open your eyes to your own abilities as we’ll explore how to tell stories through mobile photography.

What will you learn? 

You gain an understanding of the fundamentals of storytelling and that the art of photography is more than just the sum of its technicalities. You will learn to use narrative as a means of communication. We will start by reflecting on how storytelling can bring benefits in conveying a message both in words and images. We will analyse existing pictures and decipher the underlying story the artist wants to tell. 

After that we will learn how to create or tell our own story through images and words. The workshop provides you with a safe space to experiment and tell your story.

       What do I need?Who is this workshop for? How much does it cost? Cancellation policy? 
Come as you are, with a smile and the openness to join a hands on workshop where we will be working together. 
A little bit of preparation ahead will be needed – each one of us will have 90 seconds at the beginning to introduce himself and tell our life story in a fun way. 
 This workshop is suitable for beginners to advanced. 
Bookings and a minimum number of participants are required for the workshop to be run.
 The workshops last for 1.5 hours and costs $45. You may cancel or reschedule your booking up to 48 hours before the actual workshop.
Please note: group bookings may be cancelled up to 1 week before the scheduled session.

Workshops start in January – register your interest here!